Five Fan Projects Keeping Awesome Games Alive

Joe Douglas
8 min readDec 9, 2020
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Gamers will often feel the nostalgic call to revisit a game they remember fondly only to find there is not easy way to play it on modern systems. Thankfully, many skilled fans have put their hand to keeping some of these games alive. Here, I’m going to look at five of the best fan projects that resurrect older games.


The main screen of NeoLemmix

Lemmings is without a doubt one of the greatest games ever made. Directing the hapless little critters to safety while helping them avoid their own idiocy, as well as a good amount of traps and pitfalls, is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences one can have. And the most frustrating. Despite Lemmings’ pedigree there hasn’t been a significant Lemmings release since 2006’s Lemmings remake (I’m ignoring Lemmings Touch and the recent mobile game here as I would not call them ‘significant’).

As with many franchises, the original games are considered the best of the Lemmings canon, however, getting games from 1991 to run on modern machines can be quite as task.

Enter NeoLemmix.

Created by Lemmings superfan Namida, NeoLemmix sets out to make Lemmings — in particular those games released between 1991 and 1994 — playable once again on modern machines.

While NeoLemmix can read the level files from the games’ original releases, the true brilliance of it comes in the included Lemmings Redux level pack. Redux contains complete re-makes of the best levels across all the releases of Lemmings. Not only are re-makes of levels from the original release included, but also levels from ports to other systems. The result is something of a playable Lemmings museum, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

If that isn’t enough, NeoLemmix also comes with a level editor. So, if you fancy trying your hand at creating your own Lemmings levels to test your friends’ skills, you can! Even if making your own levels isn’t your thing but you want a new challenge, there is a vibrant community of custom made levels built up around NeoLemmix with hundreds of new challenges to try.



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