As I said in your Chun-Li article, it's great to see women gamers calling this stuff out. Sarkeesian may have had a noble goal for her videos, but her method of achieving that goal completely negates any positives.

She shows footage out of context, picks very specific frames that help illustrate her purposes, again out of context, and flat out lies about games.

Not a critique, but I think you could have explored the Hitman thing further. It was one of Sarkeesian's biggest lies. She totally lied about the goal of the mission - as you say to save women who have been forced into prostitution - to suite her own agenda. That is not only poor reporting, but a total fabrication.

The argument that only women are sexualised in video games is ridiculous. You mentioned Chris Redfield, but look at almost any male character; Nathan Drake, Geralt, Dante, the whole male cast of Final Fantasy.

I'm all for calling out media - be it video games or anything else - for their flaws, but misrepresentation and flat out lying totally undercut the validity of anything you say.


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