Cover of Frew Publication’s first ever issue of The Phantom. 1948

Three years before Batman donned his cape and cowl, and two before Superman crashed into a field in Smallville, there was another hero who would leave an indelible mark on the history of pop culture.

He wore a skin tight costume and a black mask. He left his symbol upon those he vanquished; a permanent skull-shaped brand so that all would know these were evil men. He may not have been a superhero as we know them today, but he taught those who were to come a thing or two.

Debuting as a newspaper strip on February 17th, 1936, American…

You Don’t Even Have to Blow Them Up

Jenna Jameson, the worlds’ most famous pornstar. Image from 1001-Wallpapers.

NOTE: While none of the links in this article go to porn sites or show nudity, some may be considered NSFW.

One of the great things about the hobby of collecting is that you are constantly finding things you never knew existed. Recently when trawling through eBay for some items for my own collection I came across a listing for an action figure based on the world’s most famous pornstar, Jenna Jameson. Upon seeing this several questions popped into my head.

a) Who was the market for these?

b) What company would have the (pardon the pun) balls to make…

As I said in your Chun-Li article, it's great to see women gamers calling this stuff out. Sarkeesian may have had a noble goal for her videos, but her method of achieving that goal completely negates any positives.

She shows footage out of context, picks very specific frames that help illustrate her purposes, again out of context, and flat out lies about games.

Not a critique, but I think you could have explored the Hitman thing further. It was one of Sarkeesian's biggest lies. She totally lied about the goal of the mission - as you say to save women…

Cover of a ca. 1936 Tijuana bible: “The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man” (non-offensive). Found on Wikipedia.

Just FYI, some links are NSFW.

Rule 34 of the Internet reads something along the lines of “if it exists, there is a porn version of it.” Anyone who has spent any longer than an hour online knows this to be true. But the practice of creating pornographic parodies of popular characters from books, films, tv and even celebrities and politicians has been around much, much longer than the information superhighway.

In the 1920’s a series of underground comic books collectively known as “Tijuana bibles” began to appear. For the most part they were small wallet-sized (as in one could…

Frederic Wertham

With every generation, a new kind of media comes along that “threatens to destroy the moral fibre of the youth”. Today, it is social media. In the mid-’90s to early 2000s, it was video games and before that, rock music and television. In the 1940’s it was comic books.

During the late 1930s and into the ’40s and ’50s, the comic book medium was at its height. Due to the Great Depression, cheap entertainment for children was in demand. Comics provided that. …

The façade of the park

In the 90’s Sega was the king of video games in Australia. The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog played on Saturday mornings and the coolest of the cool owned a Mega Drive. However, things were about to get much cooler still. Sega was going to open a theme park!

Sega World Sydney was not actually a Sega initiative, but rather the brainchild of Kevin Bermeister who ran Sega Ozisoft, the Australian distributor for Sega products. With Ozisoft conquering video game sales in Australia (yes, even beating out that plumber fellow) Bermeister decided it was time to take things to the…

Oil painting of Scrooge McDuck, Donald and his nephews by creator Carl Barks

This month I earnt the most I ever have on Medium since starting here six-odd months ago. After conversion from $US to £UK, that’s roughly £4.80! Finally, after six months, I’ve earnt enough on Medium to buy myself a coffee. (But I don’t actually drink coffee, so it’ll be tea or hot chocolate.)

It wasn’t easy to do however, let me tell you! Never fear though, as I’m going to let you in on my money making secrets and soon you too will be making enough to afford one hot beverage a month!

Stock Images Be Damned!

You’ll see lots of people on Medium…

Thanks to the brilliance of the X-Box One’s backwards compatibility service I’ve been able to experience some wonderful games that I missed on original release due to bowing out of the console gaming arena for a few years.

The most recent of these I’ve enjoyed is Dante’s Inferno, a graphic, brutal and incredibly fun interpretation of the first part of Italian poet Dante Alighieri‘s epic poem The Divine Comedy.

If you are not aware, Inferno tells the story of Dante’s journey through the Nine Circles of Hell. On his way he witnesses all kinds of demons, devils and torments. …

Collana Albi Grandi Avventure #1, a 1937 Italian publication

In one of my previous articles I discussed how The Phantom became — and remains — one of the most popular adventure comic strips in the world and yet is all but ignored by the American comics industry. In this follow up article, I’ll be looking at how the character has influenced cultures around the world.

What the very first comic book (as in a magazine-style publication of 20 pages or more focusing on the one character) featuring The Phantom was is something that was up for debate until recently. Originally, it was thought that the honour went to the…

A raw prawn.

Among all the epidemics and crazy world “leaders” being deposed, you could be forgiven for having missed the news that Google is currently swinging its proverbial wang around, trying to bully the Australian government.

If you’re not aware, the tl;dr version is this; Last year the Aussie government passed a law that would require major online news vendors — in particular news sites and aggregators — to pay a fee for linking to stories posted on sites from Australian media companies, although not for the content itself. Any site not following the new rule would incur millions in fines. …

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