Cover of Frew Publication’s first ever issue of The Phantom. 1948

Three years before Batman donned his cape and cowl, and two before Superman crashed into a field in Smallville, there was another hero who would leave an indelible mark on the history of pop culture.

The façade of the park

In the 90’s Sega was the king of video games in Australia. The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog played on Saturday mornings and the coolest of the cool owned a Mega Drive. However, things were about to get much cooler still. Sega was going to open a theme park!

Oil painting of Scrooge McDuck, Donald and his nephews by creator Carl Barks

This month I earnt the most I ever have on Medium since starting here six-odd months ago. After conversion from $US to £UK, that’s roughly £4.80! Finally, after six months, I’ve earnt enough on Medium to buy myself a coffee. (But I don’t actually drink coffee, so it’ll be tea or hot chocolate.)

Stock Images Be Damned!

You’ll see lots of people on Medium…

Thanks to the brilliance of the X-Box One’s backwards compatibility service I’ve been able to experience some wonderful games that I missed on original release due to bowing out of the console gaming arena for a few years.

Collana Albi Grandi Avventure #1, a 1937 Italian publication

In one of my previous articles I discussed how The Phantom became — and remains — one of the most popular adventure comic strips in the world and yet is all but ignored by the American comics industry. In this follow up article, I’ll be looking at how the character has influenced cultures around the world.

A raw prawn.

Among all the epidemics and crazy world “leaders” being deposed, you could be forgiven for having missed the news that Google is currently swinging its proverbial wang around, trying to bully the Australian government.

I’ve never quite fit the stereotype.

The Orb from Marvel Comics

Growing up in the town I did, boys were expected to be into sports and cars. Neither of these things interested me. My reaction to sport was basically the same as Moss from IT Crowd (see below) and, unless you were talking about the Ecto-1, the Batmobile or Doc Brown’s DeLorian, cars were just practical tools to get you places. Oh, and I’m into art which, in that town, made you something of a leper.

Obviously 2020 wasn’t the best year. I’m not going to go into all that, because we all know it. Instead, here I’m going to focus on the things I liked the most in 2020, particularly my favourite movies, games, books and graphic novels.


In 2020 I watched 58 movies (although this number is probably out a little bit as I only started using Letterboxd late…

Rumours are starting to swirl that the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, may be regenerating by the end of the 2021 season of the BBC’s popular sci-fi series. The timing would not be out of the ordinary as many past Doctors have only stayed for three years (there was no 2019 season); David Tennant, Matt Smith and even Second and Fifth Doctors Patrick Throughton and Peter Davidson left the TARDIS after their third seasons. So if Jodie was to leave at the end of 2021 it would have precedent.

This is a story about why collections are important, and how they can change your life.

There are moments, they say, that shape you. Sometimes they are big, grand, Earth shaking moments. Other times, they are small, at first seeming insignificant in the series of events that shape your life.

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